Friday 23 January 2015

Found this Shasta in a field and the owner was a younger person who did not really know what he had. He wanted to know if I wanted to buy it for a fishing shack. A fishing shack?  I was appalled at the mere thought of it! I did not let on that we were looking at a classic which deserved to be restored. Transaction went smoothly, he delivered it and so the project begins!

Peanuts with potential

Now to tell my wife...she should understand that we need this camper,I mean we currently have a 73 classic gmc motor home sitting in the driveway that we restored just 2 years ago.what harm could another camper be?. I had originally thought of buying it to restore it and then sell it for a small profit but started to get the bug and now thinking maybe this would be better suited for our family. The kids are getting older and hmmm this could be a fun retirement cruiser.The funny thing is my wife (Connie)loves it more than i do. I mean who could resist this cutie.

So off to the internet to see just what we got and what we were in for. The kid we bought it from said it was a 1973 silver streak...well I new it was a Shasta ,and the name plate confirmed this, but never new just how old. I figured 60's but after some research looks like mid/late fifties. Cool. I am somewhat familiar with wood refinishing, however not to mechanically inclined. This should be interesting. I found a guy on u tube who was restoring one and found,although extremely thorough this guy shows  you a step by step process of how to restore one of these relics. His name is mobile tec and he has inspired me on several occasions to see this project through and in the right way.
Let me take you for the five cent tour. She got her nick name peanuts because of her stripe reminds us of the Charley brown sweater and the peanuts gang on snoopy. Notice the lovely wood on the door. If first impressions count well peanuts has lots of character and is begging to be loved. also notice vintage jack stands.
Nice rear. we located a vintage license plate holder through 'vintage trailer supplies' but have yet to put on.  Want to paint the bottom half of Z design blue..we just have to agree on color. we both like 50's blue just what shade? VTS is awesome to work with and bought rubber window seals as well as polish from them. Can any one tell me are these the original tailgates. the lenses are new (plastic) both rear and rear side markers. I think the markers protruding out are neat.
All windows have been removed and resealed and new glass installed. had to start with this before the fun stuff inside with the woodwork. The original color must have been salmon.

After sealing up the roof vent and the windows it was time to start the wood work.The front area had the most water damage. Used the old bench as templates where it couldn't be repaired. I used several coats of amber shellac and finished with clear

Getting there, just some trim work and then move on. The original stove was missing so got one from a 70's camper and built a cupboard . it is amazing how much storage there is for the square footage of these little guys. We had a boler many years ago but do not remember it having this much.

B4 and after creative with the screen door.

Lots of polishing and wood finishing.

and more polishing
the oxidation is taking forever but finished result is amazing.

Note hole in upper cabinet door. this was a gravity feed system for the tap into the sink below.

this is not the original will come out . Will install container in cupboard with vintage brass tap. the sink is original porcelain in perfect shape.
Still not done but coming along nicely. Took a break and went shopping for floor upholstery and counter tops.

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